When Parking At The Airport Is Your Only Option

Airport ParkingWe live a couple of hours out of town in a small country town where public transport consists of one local bus to ‘the big town’ passing through at 6.30am and returning at 4.30pm.

‘The big town’ isn’t even the city. That’s another hour away.

A trip to the airport for us is an excursion unto itself….organising someone to drop us at the bus stop….one and a half hours on the bus….another hour on the train….changing at Central….I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

So driving to the airport is our only sane option, but with the cost of actually parking at the airport equivalent to another holiday, it’s still not that enticing.

Instead of hassling our friends who live near the airport each time we go a way, I decided to try the Brisbane depot of Airport Parking a few years ago and haven’t looked back. Their secure parking areas are close to the airport and their rates are affordable.

Their staff have always been friendly, more than helpful and always greet us with a smile. The ‘chauffeurs’, as I like to call them, are always there, ready to go with their free shuttle service to the airport as soon as I’m ready to go. I’m literally at the airport within 15 minutes of arriving. Talk about hassle free service.

They’ll even give my car a clean if I ask them to.

When we arrive home, we just collect our luggage, phone their office and head over to the designated pick up zone at the terminal.

To top it all off, their easy to use website makes booking my car in a breeze.

So I can now spend my time relaxing at the airport in a lounge with my Priority Pass instead of spending hours wearing out on public transport. Sounds good to me!

Airport Parking

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